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At Smith T Building Supply we are very proud of our local community, with good reason. In Opelika and Auburn there are many wonderful opportunities for you to be involved. Whether you are single, newly married, starting a family, or in your golden years these communities have something for everyone. From a variety of great restaurants and unique shops to community sponsored events and recreation and sports, we have a little of everything. Since community and family have always been a big part of the Smith T tradition, we want to make it easy for you to find things that will help support the local community, while bringing you important opportunities and entertainment.

Coke Mural

We recently uncovered a Coca-Cola mural in our hardware store. It is thought to be a century old and quite possibly the oldest original, untouched paint sign that Coca-Cola has. It’s in great shape. Come by and see the mural and grab a coke.

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